sell-side M&A services
We represent entrepreneurs, investment groups, and corporations in the sale of businesses in the lower middle market. In working with corporate clients, we also provide advisory services with respect to the divestiture of non-core divisions, subsidiaries, and product lines.

Companies in the lower middle market have an acute need for sound investment banking advice. The M&A transaction process is highly demanding. If industry research, marketing, timing, confidentiality, positioning, buyer contact, and negotiations are not handled properly, opportunities may be lost. We customize each transaction to address our client’s unique situation while leveraging market opportunities.

The private market for lower middle market M&A transactions is highly inefficient. Yesterday’s most active strategic buyer may move to the sidelines just as the best buyer is quietly emerging in a related industry or in a different geographic market. Or maybe a financial buyer with experience in our client’s industry has just raised a new fund. Our knowledge of, and access to, strategic and financial buyers brings the best—often unknown to the seller—buyers to the table.

In select circumstances we provide buy-side advisory services including initial contact, valuing, negotiating and structuring the transaction.

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